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CC, otherwise known as Eve
11 January 2014 @ 01:03 am
Because what does it really contribute to my life? Nothing.
There is nothing social going on here; no talking, no interaction. Which makes me kinda sad at times, and since I have enough sadness in my life I decided to cull what I can.

My art may be found on deviantart:

The Hextaida Files (a.k.a. Mistwind's origin stories) can be found at Fanfiction.net, along with other subsequent tales I might write in the future:
Stories do not involve the following: Romantic relationships, gender-focus, sparklings, humans.
They do involve death, mentally unsavory scenarios, dubious ethics, spaaaaaaaaaaaaace and varying degrees of betrayal.

I can as always be found on Facebook or AIM.
AIM: CC0Europa

If people want to invite me for games, I would love that. I am currently able to play the following multiplayers:
Left for Dead I
Borderlands II
Neverwinter (Currently playing this)
League of Legends
Terrarria and Minecraft

Steam username for friends add: Aerisnoir

As always, take care and be well.
CC, otherwise known as Eve
Title: Testing unit D-Hex-23675: Eliciting a response of disobedience.
Journal #2 in the D-HEX-23675 Journals series.
Author: Aerisnoir
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CC, otherwise known as Eve
I've been writing out figments of imagination into a series of (dark) Quintesson centered stories. They challenge my love for designing environments and provide me with a creative outlet. OC-heavy as anything, which means that since I haven't written in ages I won't end up accidentally butchering existing characters and their personalities.
I decided I would like to fill this livejournal with more creative stuff like this.

Title: Introducing Unit D-HEX-23675
Journal number 1 in the D-HEX-23675 Journals series.
Author: Aerisnoir
Fanfiction.net permalink: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9511369/1/D-HEX-23675-Journals-Journal-1-Introducing-unit-D-Hex-23675

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CC, otherwise known as Eve
28 September 2013 @ 02:03 am
Want to try your hand at 3D printing but do you find the equipment too expensive? (like me)
The peachy printer is a supercheap 3D printer under development, and for about 100,- canadian dollars, you could own one.
It's not a miracle maker, but probably a great starting tool. Really tiny too, and it works with resin which is always beter than plastic wires.

Find it here: http://igg.me/p/the-peachy-printer-the-first-100-3d-printer-scanner/x/4883062
It also has a kickstarter, but that is already fully funded (and even more than twice the goal) while indiegogo still has some length to go, which is why I post that link. I funded the indiegogo source.

And then, there is X: Rebirth, what looks like an awesome and massive singleplayer space ship simulator starfaring spacestation hopping adventure... to be honest, I have no clue how to describe it but my friends described it as Eve... but then singleplayer so without other players to f*ck up your game experience.
On the other hand, you however are more than free to mess with this environment which is an ecosystem unto itself. You feel like blowing up that ship? Well, it was carrying goods so those won't be delivered. That's gonna have consequences for the world.
How awesome is that. It's like skyrim, but then with more impact, and in space. I love it already.

Out next month: http://store.steampowered.com/app/2870/
CC, otherwise known as Eve
21 September 2013 @ 12:30 am
Admitting: I liked Deadzone. Correction; like it.
It is a nice group. It's still active, it's just... half-dead, I suppose. Half-Deadzone or something.

I miss the amount of players that used to play there.... I really do. Still want to play, but it's kinda getting harder to go back there and see the active members list being empty.

Not sure what to do. When BW_RPG died off, it was slow and gradually, and it was reasonably mutually winding down. It -hurt-, and I missed that group a lot, but it took years. Now, sometimes, I'm beginning to miss Deadzone just as much. It's still... active... ish. Sometimes. But I -know- I'm one of (if not the) most frequently returning player.

My coming back to check for posts feels more like a fool's errand, a habit lodged in my routine of checking websites. Deadzone used to be the first site I checked. Now I can go a day's work without ever thinking about it. I mean, it's there in my browser tab; so technically I check a lot. But it's a mindless, absent checking, that simple pressing of the F5 and quick filtering if a word turns up bold before moving on. That kind of checking.

I suppose the best thing about it is that I'm managing to pool my desire to write and play and started writing stories again. Mistwind's origin story was something that sparked in my mind since it was never told, so that has a couple of chapters now for starters and is gonna grow into a series. After that, I'm interested in picking up more canon-centered works. That's something good; it makes me happy.

But... honestly... I preferred to be able to play with other people. I simply miss the rpg element of creating stories with other people. Right now, things feel incredibly slow and sluggish.

I wish that would change. But, will it? Probably not. And it hurts trying to get used to that.
CC, otherwise known as Eve
12 May 2013 @ 08:57 pm
It was awesome!

There were a lot of people dressed up in Scottish and Keltic garments, along with a few roleplayers. There were tons of marketstalls and really good bands playing.

And the best part, I've met three Saarloos Wolfhounds in real life. This mix between the German Shepherd and European Wolf is a Dutch dog breed that's at the top of my list of dogs to own, and to me they are an quite elusive breed to spot. I've only briefly met one in my hometown in all my years and that was a very brief encounter with little time to talk. This time, I could really chat with the owner and learn more about this breed. They are quiet and distant, and always moving, but the male in the picture responded well to my presence, sniffed and licked my hand and settled down long enough to allow a friend to capture the rare moment of me petting it.

Saarloos Wolfhound photo IMG_4920.jpg

Photograph of me petting a Saarloos - trying not to grin like a kid on Christmas morning (and failing, I guess). Every video and photograph I've seen of the breed just doesn't do the real life version justice. Their movements are far too gracefull to be translated on media.

Found good inspiration for my medieval dress, learned how to properly burn incense over charcoal, watched strong men throw stones and wooden beams, ate spareribs and finally after years of holding back caved in to my desire to own the power to create fire with a firestone. When I start joining in LARP events, I can made IC firepits.
CC, otherwise known as Eve
07 May 2013 @ 04:20 pm
It becomes easier to say goodbye to things and throw them away now that the decision to move out has been made. Now that there is a definite moment of when I'll leave this house, it becomes so much easier to select the items that are coming with me in the first phase, the items that will be stored untill a house can be bought (plates and appliances and such) and the things that will be tossed regardless of my interest in them.
CC, otherwise known as Eve
Castlefest, Elf Fantasy Fair. Events I always wanted to go to, but never could. Because work always scheduled me in, making it impossible to go.

But now I can, and a friend asked me to come along to Keltfest. Linkity: http://keltfest.nl/page/nl/nieuws.php

It's extremely rare for me to be able to get in touch with my earthchild side, to nurture and exhibit my empathic relationship to the earth and the energies. In my family, it does not gather any interest, nor acceptance. It is weird, unfitting, abnormal. But if I'm going to live with my friends who are embracing celtic and pagan lifestyles anyway, nothing like a good old fair to say 'welcome to the place where you belong!'

It'll be a good start of a new life.